Weapons Armament Research (“WAR”) Airsoft Authorized License

Janus Division Group (“JDG”) is excited to announce our collaboration with Weapons Armament Research (“WAR”) to produce exclusively licensed WAR products for the airsoft market.

JDG is pleased to bring the unique design of the WAR products for airsoft pistol enthusiasts. All of the WAR licensed products will be approved by WAR before commercial release, according to their design specifications.

The first licensed WAR products JDG will produce are the compensators for the G Model and custom slide for the M&P series of pistols.

All of the WAR licensed products will be produced using high-quality 6061-T6 series aluminum, milled with multi-axis CNC machines, and finished with fine sandblasting and anodization to improve durability and longevity of the products.

Please keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for updates in the future!

Janus Division Group ( JDG )好高興宣布與Weapons Armament Research (WAR )達成全球獨家授權(Airsoft Authorized License),授權許可生產WAR玩具氣槍配件等產品。

JDG 很高興可與WAR合作,將其獨特風格設計帶入玩具氣槍市場。

JDG x WAR的產品,由WAR提供藍圖及監制細節等,交由JDG授權許可生產玩具氣槍版本。

JDG 將會推出玩具氣槍TM系統G Model系列的Comp及M&P系列的Slide等。



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