Janus Division Group was established to collaborate with real firearm companies to bring their designs, whether popular with the civilian or the military market, to airsoft. Janus Division Group respects the intellectual property of the real firearm companies we work with, and we believe this is the right way to bring the same innovation in the real firearm world into airsoft by working with the firearm companies directly.

Janus Division Group uses our presence in Asia to work with high-quality manufacturers that uses state-of-art machines and quality materials that our competitors lack. Using actual aircraft-grade aluminum and other high-end engineering materials, Janus Division Group merges quality, consistency, and desirability of licensed products into the airsoft market.


JDG Polymer80 Licensed P80 PF940C Compact Airsoft Frame

Polymer80, Inc. manufactures high quality fiber-reinforced 80% complete receivers in the United States.Janus Division Group ( JDG ) is the exclusive licensee for Polymer80, Inc. products for airsoft. Every JDG product is meticulously designed and manufactured. The P80 PF940C is an industry first. The frame comes with an aggressive texture that emulates a stippled pattern. …

JDG Polymer80 Licensed P80 PFS90 ( RMR Cut ) Airsoft 6mm GBB Pistol Details and Manual

Fully Licensed by Polymer80, Inc. RMR Cut, an RMR-Style Red Dot Can Be Directly Mounted To The Slide Comes with Polymer80 Front and Rear Sight, and Suppressor / Red Dot Height Sights Polymer80 Style Flat Trigger Aggressive Stippled Frame High Impact Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Construction 1913 Picatinny Rail Dust Cover High Grip Undercut Recessed Cut For …